The love & engagement story of Ariel Belgrave and Quinnton Harris.

The Mermaid Married Her Prince


May the Fourth be with us. Always. 

There is so much we can say about our wedding celebration last month in Nassau. We brought together a very special group of people: world class leaders, scholars and game changers — individuals we are honored to love and be loved by. Some go as way back as elementary and high school. Some were instrumental in connecting us in college, while others helped us stay together.

Each one of guests has touched our lives in a unique way, and it was special for many of these people to meet each other for the first time. And the bonds formed in Nassau will never be broken. Folks become vulnerable with each and shared meaningful perspectives. The WhatsApp group chat we created is still popping with people sharing inspiring moments and personal success.

We got to be with some of most favorite people in the world for 7 days, and the experience was all we could have ever dreamed of. 


Her soul sang from
the shores of Boston,

A his life changed forever. Almost seven years ago, two people from very different worlds met on campus at Boston College. Our newfound friendship quickly blossomed into a timeless love affair, and on May 4, 2017, we started a new chapter.  Read more about our story.