Guests of Honor

May 4, 2017

Versailles Garden and French Cloisters

Family matters.

These folks mean so much to us. They have been with us through thick and thin. Some of them have been in our lives since middle school, and others for only a few years. We are honor to be apart of their lives, and we vow to continue to work as hard as they do at being supportive family and friends.

Ari's Ladies of Honor were Sandra Teixeira, Bianca Blass, Sofia Mohammed, Thea Kelley, and Farrah Belizaire. Quinnton's 'Best Men' were his twin brother, Neko Harris and closest friends Dorian Dargan, Claxton Everett, Christopher Scott, Llewelyn Skulark, and Lafayette Tucker. 

Photos captured by Karston Tannis, Jr. (@skinnywashere) and Cesarin Mateo (@iamcesarin)