Prepping the Groom

May 4, 2017

Meliá Nassau All-Inclusive

Groomsman Prep-0137.jpg

The Prince prepares in
his royal quarters.

Quinnton and his groomsmen congregated around 2:30p. They kept things simple, and they did their best to keep Quinnton calm as he awaited his big moment. His twin brother Neko volunteer to tighten up hair lines of the groomsmen with the Bevel blade as well as pressed all of their outfits. The others helped run errands and provide comic relief.

The gentlemen had a blast! The squad reminiscent about their recent escapades during the bachelor's weekend in New Orleans. They talked trash, laughed about the good times and made plans for another trip to keep the brotherhood strong.

For the groomsman's attire, Quinnton curated a look inspired by middle eastern and Indian fashion.  He collaborated with California fashion designers Rueben and Varsha Patel to create custom kurta and paijama sets for the fellas. For the groomsmen's gift, Quinnton presented loafers made bespoke in Delhi, India to complete the outfit. One of his groomsmen, Christopher Scott, lives there and was instrumental in helping Quinnton complete his vision.

Quinnton himself wore a traditional sherwani and paijama set. The detailed trimming and buttons were handmade in Calcutta and the body (silk) was crafted in Mumbai.

Photos captured by Cesarin Mateo (@iamcesarin).