Prepping the Bride

May 4, 2017

Meliá Nassau All-Inclusive

The Mermaid emerges a beautiful bride.

Arie's bridesmaids headed over to the her room around 12:30pm to prep on the big day. There was much to been done. Ariel did her hair own hair and rocked her natural coily curls. She also hired a local makeup artist to finish the natural look for herself, the mothers, and a few of the bridesmaids. 

Ari's beautiful mother showered her with gifts: something old, something new and something blue. The "something old and blue" was her mothers garter from her wedding day over 29 years ago.  For the something new, her mother gifted her new jewelry to finish her elegant wedding day look. Mother Vielca presented her with beautiful pearl and silver earrings and a matching pearl bracelet. 

The bridesmaids dresses all wore coral, Ariel's favorite color. Each long, elegant gown were unique in style, giving her ladies the ultimate freedom of expression and comfort to be their most beautiful selves walking down the aisle.

Photos captured by Karston Tannis, Jr. (@skinnywashere).